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Al Blum

My partner and I contracted with Don Rossmoore in the summer of 2003 to help us evaluate and reorganize our fifteen year old Real Estate business.

The business was highly profitable but had completely outgrown the casual ad hoc management style that reflected its origins as a loosely organized series of partnerships headed by two fluid entrepreneurs. When Don began working with us the sheer size and complexity of the enterprise seemed overwhelming. We had two home offices in two different states, our accounting department was in a third location, management of the assets was performed by two different companies with overlapping and conflicting responsibilities, and there was almost no delineation of roles and responsibilities at any level -- the decision-making process reflected a complete reliance on crisis management. Growing frustration, anger, and exhaustion throughout our organization motivated us to seek help.

Don stepped into this morass and guided senior and middle management through an exhilarating 18 month journey of transformation. After performing a survey that unearthed the many hidden issues facing our enterprise, Don skillfully applied a variety of methods derived from his work in psychology, management, and even kundalini yoga. His methods were entirely holistic. Rather than immediately impose top-down structural solutions to our dilemma, Donís initial emphasis was to teach communication skills to enable us to address the difficult problems that usually remain unspoken in organizations. Mastering these skills created an atmosphere of increased communication, trust, and openness so that the correct organizational structures naturally evolved out of a series of group interactions that he led.

Because his style is relaxed and efficient it is only in retrospect that I can fully appreciate the tremendous skill with which Don handled our project. In a very short time and for a very reasonable price we have completely transformed our company into a lean, efficient, flexible, and purposeful organization. Our work environment vibrates with the strengthened ties of friendship and a heightened sense of community that are natural outgrowths of a successful project undertaken as a group.

Personal and organizational transformation is both a joyous and painful process, and a strong leader is needed when inevitable obstacles arise. One of Donís greatest attributes is his uncompromising integrity and courage when working with very difficult issues. Although we signed his checks, Don did not sugarcoat several incredibly painful changes that my partner and I needed to make in our business and personal conduct. In fact, Donís insistence that we recognize and work with our own shortcomings proved to be a key factor in the successful reorganization. I would highly recommend Don as a business consultant and would be glad to discuss our specific project further.

Al Blum


Wolfgang Oster

Don Rossmoore was hired by a biotech company as a consultant in principally two functions, ie management coach for selected individuals in the upper management and as team coach for the management committee and other working teams.

In both functions he worked towards creating a coherent and well communicating organization working efficiently and synergistically as individuals and teams on agreed upon objectives. The teams were newly formed in a company which had suffered from several failures and setbacks.

Don systematically analyzed the teamsí and the individualsí conduct in the real world environment, ie attending operational meetings on several levels on site. He assessed managerial and subject capabilities, leadership and teambuilding qualities, communication skills, and also civil courage, integrity and character. An important issue was the willingness of the individual to put the companyís interest in front of† the personal interest and the leadersí ability to exemplify such behavior and walk their talk. Areas of responsibilities and decision authorities were defined for the individuals and the teams.

Incentive systems were developed to allow fiscal as well as personal development rewards, based on objective measurement of performance.

Don attended management meetings as well as team meetings and discussed in a ďliveĒ situation dos and donts.

After approximately 6 months, most coached teams and most individuals had transformed into highly productive contributors based on newly learned skill sets, elimination of dysfunctional behavior, and a strong motivation for the common cause. The company had managed to accomplish a turn around on critical projects.

Donís capabilities as a diagnostician are remarkable. His assessments are sharp and accurate and next to nothing escapes his attention. He addresses taboos and confronts individuals and teams with compelling findings.

In all these difficult processes he doesnít loose sight of the core objective to upgrade the companyís performance and chances for success. And he goes the extra mile to deliver a better product.† His commitment is to improve performance and content and build the best possible teams and organization. He accepts no hierarchical barriers or restrictions in his assessments.

I personally view Don Rossmoore as an individual of highest moral character and impeccable professionalism.

  Wolfgang Oster,
  Managing Partner,
  Polytechnos Venture Partners GmbH



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